About Us

OUR STORY Daisy Chain was established as a charity in 2003 as the dream of its founder, Lesley Hanson, whose son Jacob was diagnosed with autism at an early age. Lesley soon became aware of the problems faced by the parents and carers of children who were on the autistic spectrum. Lesley dreamt of a haven for children with autism; a place where they could go to experience something in life that would give them pleasure and was especially for them. It would also provide parents, carers and siblings with ongoing support. Disgruntled with the lack of facilities and services available to support families, Lesley and her husband Duane set off on a quest to make her dream become a reality. After extensive fundraising, the doors to Daisy Chain opened one year after her initial dream and it has continued to grow ever since. Now, many years later, the charity provides a range of support services to children and adults affected by autism, either with a diagnosis or who are undergoing the diagnostic process, their parents/carers and their siblings. Lesley sadly passed away in 2004, but to ensure her dream still lives on. To find out more about our services please visit OUR PRODUCT Fuelled by our burning desire to make a difference, our online store sells the very best designer, high end high street and vintage second-hand items. Every single item displayed on our website has been hand-picked by our Daisy Chain stylists for your pleasure. Whether you are after luxury items, that must have vintage look, or you simply just love a good old thrift… Daisy Chain Store is the place for you. We aim to take the very best of high-end fashion and ensure we showcase those outfits online at affordable prices. In addition to our autism mission, we want to contribute to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable planet which is why all of our products are premium donations ready to be re-used and re-loved. By shopping with us, not only are you shopping ethically and responsibly, you are also supporting us to make a real difference to the lives of those affected by autism.